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Show Munich More Reports. In the ongoing debacle that has been the introduction and promotion of high-resolution digital audio and the record industry's struggles to engage the public's interest in it, two recent events stand out. Removing the SACD layer wasn't a big issue for ABKCO—few consumers were buying the discs to get the SACD layer in the first place, the label had designed the artwork to underplay SACD to avoid consumer confusion, and, most important, had priced the discs to ensure that they'd be stocked in the CD racks and not in some "audiophile" ghetto hidden behind a wall.

But Sony's move drove the last nail into the coffin of the optimistic notion that the hybrid disc's "hidden" SACD layer might make it a mainstream product costing no more than a "Red Book" CD.

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Sony's message, heard loud and clear throughout the industry, was that no independent label's effort to support the SACD format with superb sound, a popular catalog, and low prices would go unpunished by SACD's inventor and original promoter.

Philips then made matters worse by simply abandoning their manufacturer customer, leaving these companies to face angry customers who'd bought expensive products that broke and could not be fixed. Add the problems in navigating DVD-Audio discs with displayless, audio-only systems, the limited enthusiasm among audiophiles for multichannel sound, the record industry's confusing move to double-sided DualDiscs containing CD, Dolby Digital, and DVD-A content, consumers' clamor for lo-rez MP3 downloads, and the resurgence of analog, and it's a wonder that hi-rez digital sound has survived at all.

Yet, like vinyl, high-resolution digital has survived, thanks to the support of enthusiasts like the readers of Stereophile. A perusal of retail websites catering to audiophiles demonstrates that there's sufficient high-quality music available in the two hi-rez audio formats to make the purchase of a "universal player" worth considering—assuming that that player offers superb CD playback.

For now and perhaps foreverthe vast majority of digitally encoded music on disc will be in the standard "Red Book" format. The mechanism—a sophisticated, Vertically Aligned Optical Stability Platform VOSP —is claimed to offer levels of rigidity and stability not found in cheaper plastic transports, as well as a high-mass disc-clamping system that reduces rotational resonances at high speeds.

The disc is clamped between a plate and an 8mm-thick, large-diameter disc, both made of metal. This rigid, stable framework permitted the development of a shaft-mounted laser-pickup assembly of equal rigidity and stability, that maintains perfect vertical alignment to ensure that the laser's optical axis is always centered in the data track.

In cheaper transports, the high-speed rotation of the disc causes unwanted resonances that can shake both the disc and the laser head. According to Esoteric, data read when the laser is off its central axis is liable to high levels of jitter and errors. The VOSP transport's reduction of tracking error and claimed elimination of off-axis data reading are claimed to result in far less jitter and error correction. The transport mechanism is mounted directly on the bottom of the chassis with a pair of steel brackets, to provide additional rigidity to further damp resonances.

The disc tray itself is made of aluminum, not plastic. But how much difference can all of this mechanical stability and "perfect tracking" make to digital sound? Why should it make any difference at all? Many audiophiles forget that an optical disc is actually an analog format—the digital code itself is not engraved in the disc.

Instead, the disc's "land" and "pit" surfaces are physical analogs of the digital bitstream's ones and zeros. As the laser beam is reflected off a land or a pit, the amount of reflected light reflected determines whether the information is read as a one or as a zero. A CD pit is intended to absorb light; the laser's "direct hit" on a pit is more likely to provide greater absorption of the beam, and thus a greater likelihood of the pit's being read correctly, than the "partial hit" of an off-axis strike footnote 1.

While error-correction circuitry can extrapolate and fill in missing data, better tracking should result in fewer reading errors, and thus less interpolation, less jitter, and better sound when the data is converted to an analog signal. The rear-panel jacks include separate two-channel and multichannel outputs and a pair of balanced XLR outputs.

There are also coaxial and optical digital outs, and a BNC word-sync input for use with an external word clock. Esoteric offers several dedicated master-clock devices including one, the G-0S, which features a rubidium clock generator. The remote control, milled from a block of aluminum, exudes high quality, though it's not backlit. All things considered, the reasonably priced SA makes an unreasonably fine physical impression in terms of both build quality and functionality.

See page 20 for details. Footnote 1: The depth of the pits on a disc's surface should be one quarter of the wavelength of the laser light, meaning that when read from directly above, there will be complete destructive interference with light reflected from the pits, but not the lands, maximizing the dynamic contrast. This contrast is reduced when the pits are read from an angle. Log in or register to post comments. Related Latest Galleries Recommended.I want to begin by saying that I have always had a certain fondness for Esoteric equipment.

Until three years ago, my digital reference was an Esoteric XD2 which operated flawlessly. That unit and in particular the more expensive separates are exceptional in terms of extracting detail.

Esoteric transports are so well regarded that many other manufacturers use them. While I have thoroughly enjoyed the XDS1, it was hard to tear myself away from the memory of the exceptional level of detail of the Esoteric.

This review is essentially about my giving the latest generation of Esoteric players another chance and deciding if they hit on the right mix of compromises. Each of the units which comprise this digital duo begins with a heavy, rigid, non-resonant chassis which is up to the standards set by Esoteric in their other top of the line products, and represents the introduction of several significant technological advances.

There seems little disagreement that while there are many transports available, the platinum standard in the industry is clearly the Esoteric. The transport laser assembly and carriage alone weighs The D uses eight bit DAC circuits four AK chipsets per channel, wired together to achieve bit processing.

Esoteric P-02 SACD/CD Transport & D-02 DAC Review

The input signal is converted internally to bit word length which allows enhanced processing capability in the digital domain. The analog section uses a fully discrete class-A buffer with four amps per channel. This newly developed clock module can provide the system with a pure clock output that is equivalent to or exceedssingle unit external master clock generators currently available. The D offers a selection of four digital filters that to some extent allow tuning of the sound, although in reality I found one that I consistently preferred.

These are very heavy units, 68 and 60 pounds for transport and DAC respectively, which arrive well packaged in triple boxes. The exterior of each machine is elegant but understated, consisting of a simple brushed aluminum face and body.

The display can be turned off. The back of the D is similar in that it is designed to receive the corresponding inputs from the P but also contains additional inputs for optical and USB which increases its versatility and audio outputs.

The transport inside works flawlessly. The remote has a very solid feel but I do wish that the buttons on the remote were backlit for easier use at night. Each of the filter options must be separately broken-in for approximately hours. Given the rather Herculean power supplies of these units, I was somewhat surprised that they were quite sensitive to the power cord used.

The stock cord was acceptable but significant sonic benefits could be had by using a more sophisticated aftermarket cord. Use of these cords significantly lowered the already low noise floor, improved extension at the frequency extremes, tonality in the midrange, detail retrieval and recreation of space and realism of the soundscape.Log in or Sign up.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. I want to pick up a new CDP while the pickings are good. BrokenByAudioJul 27, I moved to Esoteric for their transports. I was tired of transport issues with Wadia, Marantz and Sony. I find Esoteric bringing digital very close to the best that analog offers.

Never fatiguing, you are able to listen for hours on end. For the last year most of my listening has been streaming rather than playing discs. TommyTunesJul 27, Thanks Tommy. I suspect I will end up with that lower end combo. I have the advantage of being able to do in home demos so I think I'm going to bring home the KXs first and see how that sounds as a standalone.

Location: Herts. I hear people say the external clock does something and then others say the whole theory is based on studios having to clock loads of gear whereas for home listening you are usually only concerned about the Transport and DAC. You would already have a pretty good clock in the Esoteric gear.

I've no idea where the truth lies. All I would suggest is that you try an external clock before committing to it. There are apparently other clocks apart from Esoteric that might also do a job. HipperAug 9, Location: Norway. Only simplest bit technology with good sounding parts in the analog section. And some says the Audio Note sounds best. Espen RAug 10, Location: Nowhere, Ok.

Location: Ice Station Zebra, Canada. Diamond DogAug 10, BrokenByAudio likes this.

esoteric sacd

Espen RAug 11, Espen RAug 12, My older and current SA still beats any player I had or have and its the best player I can afford.

One day maybe get a replacement but absolutely no plans now. They -Esoterics-are all great machines at least from the last 10 years. John M. Location: Walnut Creek, California.

Location: Connecticut, USA.Ordinary CD players tend to struggle with complex instruments like pianos, but the K sets up a convincing three-dimensional acoustic space and plants the piano firmly in the middle of it. The instrument sounds harmonically rich, dynamically expressive and as solid as you like. Move on to SACD and things get even better. Carmina Burana lets the Esoteric show off its sonic authority and its ability to render a huge soundstage with class-leading precision.

The sound is convincingly layered and displays an Everest-like stability even during the highly charged crescendos. Listening to our range of SACDs makes us a little sad, too. The sound through USB — using an Apple MacBook as source — is excellent, retaining all the stability and composure we heard through the integrated disc transport. The story is similarly positive through the optical and coaxial inputs. It produced the most expressive and entertaining sound.

The K also lets you adjust the amount of upsampling that goes on internally. This is done in steps of double or quadruple the original source rate.

Rtx 2070 gta v settings

We tended to stick with the original sampling rate and avoided the DSD conversion after the first time we tried it. The sound seems so much messier with it on.

【家訪】Soulution 720, 710 + YG Acoustics Hailey + Esoteric K1 SACD

The company has an unrivalled pedigree as far as high-end disc players are concerned, and a careful look at the K shows obsessive care in construction and design. It feels solid enough to make even a bank-vault feel insecure, and is finished to an impressively high standard, even considering that hefty price tag.

This is beautifully engineered, and works with deliberate chunky movements that speak of precision machining. We expect generously specified power supplies and carefully configured circuit boards packed with high quality components in a player like this, and we get them.

Everything is geared towards maximising transparency and reducing distortion. Given a little patience everything works fine, though. The handset is used across a range of Esoteric products. We want a bespoke remote at this level. See all our 99 award-winning products. What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews.

Our Verdict Looking for your final CD player? This Esoteric is as good a place to start as any. For Transparent and detailed sound Excellent dynamics and fine timing Class-leading sonic stability Powerful yet articulate bass Superb build and finish.Up for sale is a Nagra CDP.

Condition is mint. No pets and no smoke environment. Well taken care of. Unit is a original voltage. Including:VFS in original box,tool and gloves. Power supply. CD Puck,Nagra. Mine stopped working. And I loved the sound. Have moved to a costly server based system. You will not be disappointed. As usual, ballers and whiners will be ignored, serious inquires only.

Have move For sale is a great sounding Cambridge Audio CD player. This is a version 2 and would make a great addition to a second system for bedroom or garage. See my other ad for the a integrated amp. This is a version Cambridge Audio Azur c CD player in good condition. Sounds great. Comes from a smoke free home.

Discs can still be placed and removed, the rest of the unit works well. This has served me well over the years. Upgraded to an c and no longer Comes fr This is a beautiful and fantastic sounding piece of high-end audio. It's also almost impossible to find. Myryad is an esoteric British company only serious audiophiles have ever heard of.The tone of the high-bit data is used for faithful analog conversion. The resolution of bit encoding is times higher than that of bit encoding, and bit encoding gives an amazing resolution level that is another 16 times higher — a total of 4, times higher than the resolution of bit encoding.

Producing even finer bit tones minimizes operational error for outstanding expression of even subtle music signals. The clock circuit, which supplies highly accurate reference clock signals to a digital circuit, can be considered the core unit of a digital player. The clock circuit of the P1 and D1 is completely independent of other circuits, including its power source and ground, enabling pure clock signals to be supplied to the system.

For a high-precision custom clock device worthy of leading models, high sound quality playback is provided thanks to an extremely low level of phase noise and a crystal element that is even larger than before.

Remarkable improvements in readout accuracy have been achieved by utilizing a high-precision turntable and correcting the disc surface shake occurring during disc rotation. The P1 features the VMK A pair of selected ball bearings is used in the spindle shaft bearing assembly, and there is a micron-level accuracy duralumin turntable with a 20 mm-thick steel turntable bridge for a total mass of 5.

esoteric sacd

In addition, the highly trusted mechanism of the P1 has been further refined with a high-magnetic-flux-density magnet-driven coreless three-phase brushless spindle motor, thread feed control which evolved from the concept of the premier P-0 seriesand a sliding-shaft-structure pickup that ensures that the laser beam is always at a right angle to the disc. Using a three-channel discrete amplifier circuit to optimize the current waveform supplied to the motors, the VS-DD suppresses vibrations, enabling smooth spindle drive operation and highly precise servo control.

The dedicated toroidal power supply unit is mounted in a separate power supply unit housing, enhancing noise isolation effects. The power supply unit has been expanded to full-size, making it possible to include even more extravagant power supply circuits.

A total of four independent toroidal power transformers are installed to supply clean and stable DC power to each circuit VS-DD circuit, drive mechanism drive circuit, digital output circuit, and clock circuit. The inside of the main unit chassis has a double-deck structure and 3D optimized chassis construction connecting each circuit block with the shortest signal paths.

Thick aluminum materials are used for the exterior, and the 5 mm-thick steel bottom chassis is supported at four points on original ESOTERIC pinpoint feet. Vibration is effectively controlled and thorough measures have been taken for rigidity.

esoteric sacd

Made of aluminum with just the right heft, the remote control has a leather finish that is supple and comfortable in your hand. This version is compatible with all devices that read standard PDF documents.

Download Now. Overview Features Specifications Downloads Gallery The Overview To create a moving, once-in-a-lifetime connection between music and a listener, the vitality of the music needs to be conveyed in its purest form, without stress.

That is the ultimate mission of top-quality audio. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area. Compatible disc types. External dimensions W x H x D Including protrusions. This product is available in three different power supply variations shown in the specification section above. The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.Experience the ultimate beauty of music and a new depth to the art of playback from a device that exudes elegance.

First launched in before evolving to its second generation, the X edition, init captivated people around the world with its incredible playback of music sources. These players have won more awards than any other Esoteric series, and have become the gold standard of digital players worldwide. And now this flawless series has evolved again into a third generation, the Xs edition.

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Every part of these players is made from luxurious materials and cutting-edge technology, from the new DAC platform used in flagship models like the Grandioso K1 and N to the latest digital input parts and the ES-LINK Analog transmission method, creating a new page in the history of digital players. A new gold standard in digital players. Your email address will not be published.

Esoteric KXs. Esoteric KXs quantity.

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Unauthorized Enquiry. If you want to know more about the way this site handles the data, then please go through our privacy policy. Enquiry email sent successfully! Description Experience the ultimate beauty of music and a new depth to the art of playback from a device that exudes elegance. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.

Esoteric applied its no-compromise philosophy with the same intense consideration to its flagship Grandioso series to produce the next dimension of sound and audio immersion. With the Grandioso series, Esoteric sought to eradicate ANY distortions and colorations by taking a fresh look at entrenched norms and design elements, and by scrutinizing every last design detail — no matter how minute. All of the design tweaks, too numerous to elaborate here, yield an exceptional sonic purity that sweeps away distractions and enables listeners to experience an unprecedented level of musical detail and stunning visual presentation.

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